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Thursday, April 06, 2006


My name is Anna Sofia and I'm a 17-year-old girl from Brazil. My parents were both born in Brazil, and so were my grand parents on my father’s side. However, my mother’s side is Argentinian and that's why my mum lived twenty years there. My great-grandparents were from Italy, Syria, Germany and Switzerland so as you can see, it is a mixture!
French, Spanish, Portuguese and English are the languages spoken in my community, and I have learned all of them at school and at home.
Spanish is my mother tongue. Since I was a little baby my mother always spoke to me in this language and this is why I'm so familiar with it.
Portuguese is the language spoken in my country and by most of my family. I speak English and French to talk to my friends who live abroad.
I believe that the languages and cultures that best represent me are the Brazilian and the Argentinian culture. I feel free, I'm not shy when I express myself in those languages. When I have to be sweet, I use Portuguese because Brazilian people are very calm and have their own special way to do things. We call it "the jeitinho brasileiro".
When I’m angry, I speak Spanish so every time I start to fight or when I’m mad about something I use it. Maybe it’s because of my family; they all speak loud and complain in Spanish when they are not feeling well! With my mother we switch languages so it’s hard for an outsider to understand us. We can start a conversation in Portuguese, keep on in Spanish and finish it in Portuguese.
I’m not very fond of German and Turkish. It’s not that I hate those languages but because I have the impression that people don’t speak - they make noises, unpleasant harsh noises in fact. It’s very hard for me to imagine people being sweet in those languages.
In my opinion all foreign languages should be fostered. It’s very nice to go abroad and manage to talk with people in their own language! It’s also good when you have to read a book, or a poem in its original version. Books written in French for example, don’t have the same meaning in Portuguese.
The most common languages that Brazilian people study are English and Spanish. In my school, students can choose between learning Spanish or German, while English is obligatory.
As for me, I believe that people in my country have to learn a foreign language, not just for fun or tourism but for having a good job; speaking many languages gives you a better social and cultural status. Nowadays, any “plus” in you curriculum makes a difference, and knowing many languages is a big one.
Sometimes, there can be a little difference in the way people consider some languages in certain regions. Here for instance, learning English would be better considered than learning Russian for example. This is due to the use that people will give to the language: English is more spoken in the whole world than Russian. . Brazilian people, are used to the Anglo-Saxon culture and to English. As it is the language of global communication, English is taught is most good schools and is present in our everyday life through movies, food, television and in the newspapers.

A new language comes with a new culture. A Brazilian person, who learns French, will have to get used to the different way of seeing life and acting that French people have; they are quieter and don’t express their feeling to everyone. I believe that thanks to the education I had, it’s become very easy to get used to new cultures and ways of living.
São Paulo is a very rich city because you can find many cultures in the same place; Japanese, German, Portuguese and Italian people, among others. This can sound a little bit weird, but that’s the result of immigration; restaurants and neighbourhoods from many nationalities.

When you start to learn a new language or culture there are many challenges. First of all, the accent and grammar. Next, and certainly the biggest challenge; the fear of making mistakes when you communicate with a native. In my opinion it is possible to create an identity in a foreign language. Maybe, it can be hard to express yourself but this is not going to change the way you are or the way you act. I am myself when I speak English. Perhaps sometimes I don’t feel very comfortable but my personality doesn’t change, I am who I am in every language or circumstance.

Monday, November 07, 2005

((43 places))

Some questions I've made for someone who went to Mykonos Island :

Hello! I’ve never been to Mykonos nut I would love to! I would like to ask you some questions about the island; I would be pleased if you managed to answer them!
How much time is enough to get to know Mykonos “well”, since you stayed just one day?Which one was your favorite meal?What do they sell that is so great?
I’ll be waiting for your answer!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Disarmament Referendum in Brazil *

Read the following articles and check where the information comes from.

-The article "Rare drop in gun deaths in Brazil" was published in the BBC News, Sao Paulo.
-The article "Brazilians to vote on gun ban" Historic Decision: Disarmament Statute Passed in Congress" appeared in the website of IANSA (international action network on small arms).
-The article "Confessions of an Unarmed American Living in Brazil" was written by Geoffrey Paul Carpenter on a Thursday, 13 October 2005.

Draw a list of words related to the subject Forbidden

policy, prohibits, gun, drug, traffickers, pistol, sale, government.

Decide whether they are biased for or against disarmament and show how.

The first article is ''Tough clash ahead in Brazil referendum to ban guns Impartial'' by Andrei Khalip, that has an impartial opinion about it.

In the second article ''Rare drop in gun deaths in Brazil'' by Steve Kingstone of BBC News, we have an impartial opinion about disarmament.

The third article ''Brazilians to vote on gun ban'' of CNN, is against the disarmament. The article ''Historic Decision: Disarmament Statute Passed In Congress'' of Iansa , is trying to inform people about the referendum.

The last article was a ''Confession of an Unarmed American Living in Brazil'' was written in other to show the stereotypes of American people. This men used to live a time in the violent city of Rio de Janeiro, but, in order to have a peaceful life he decided to move to Tiradentes (a little town near Rio). I believe that this article is biased for disarmament; the author is trying to show us the danger of carrying a gun.

List the arguments for and against

For:''Brazil has the highest number of gun deaths in the world, with 36,091 people shot and killed last year.'' ''Brazilian anti-violence NGOs are preparing for two years of hard campaigning before the referendum, in order to keep the pressure up so that Brazilians will vote for a complete ban on firearms sales in the country." ''I want to be free of the fear that comes with carrying a gun.''

Against: "The population is unprotected, left at the mercy of armed thugs, while the government is not investing in security" "This vote doesn't disarm the criminals." ''Ayoung woman tells viewers that banning guns won't stop violence, and that she won't give up her constitutional right to bear arms.'' ''As long as we don't have an efficient border police, until we have better public security, it's cowardice to deny a citizen the right to defend himself"

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bloging experience!

I believe that my experience on bloging was very enriching. First of all, because I had to write in English, and by having to write I think that I made some progress; I learnt new vocabulary, new expressions.
Sometimes bloging was a little bit boring and exhausting, but when I saw the results I could say that the effort was worth it! I also learnt how to use flickr and bloglines and I like it!!!
In my opinion, the work that has been done with our teacher will be more and more used form now on in the "school world". First of all, thanks to the technology development but also thanks to the new forms of learning, so this experience will be very helpful to our future.

In fact, for me bloging is a very efficient method to learn English, thanks to it we can communicate with people from other countries and get to know new cultures.
Internet was helped us to work in a pleasant way since the beginning of the year; it was fun but at the same time very useful to learn more!

Monday, August 01, 2005

San Martin de los Andes!!!

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I've chosen this picture to illustrate my holidays, because my best vacation days were at San Martin de los Andes!!!
I love this place and I believe that if paradise on earth exists it's probably there!
In San Martin you have a very nice wether; during the winter you are abble to sky and in the summer you can swim in the lacs!
You can look in all directions and you will find the same, perfect landscape; a very blue ski and a lot of green trees, trees from all kinds and colours!!
Please, look at the picture and you will understand!!! If you are abble, try to visit San Martin!!
Kisses! Sofi!!